Patient Testimonials

Our patients rave about Dr. Bakeman's services, see why.

Ellie A.

"I commented to one of my doctors that I would really like something done to my teeth to give me a brighter smile. She immediately recommended Dr. Elizabeth Bakeman.

My experience at Dr. Elizabeth Bakeman’s office has been amazing. I have had many unpleasant experiences in dental offices over the years so I appreciated the caring and professional staff at her office even more. Dr. Bakeman and her assistant made certain I was comfortable throughout the entire process. During my visits, I felt like I was being cared for by newly found friends.

Dr. Bakeman, you are truly an artist. You have given me new confidence. Thank you, you have blessed me."

Tom P.

"I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped and asked “What are you smiling about?” It’s simple; I choose to be happy and that feeling shows on my face.

I grew up playing hockey which had taken a toll on my teeth. I never thought I would say this about a trip to the dentist, but I found myself actually looking forward to my visits with Dr. Bakeman. She and her staff have a way of making it seem as if you’re just stopping by to see close friends or family.

I still get stopped and asked why I’m smiling; only now it’s usually accompanied by a compliment on what beautiful teeth I have!"

Tara M.

"I came to Dr. Bakeman hoping she could make my smile spectacular for the most important day of my life, my wedding day! With the wedding only three months away, Dr. Bakeman recommended tooth whitening and simple bonding to fix the spaces between my teeth.

I could not believe the difference after a few easy visits to the dentist office. My smile was truly beautiful for my wedding day and now I can enjoy smiling at people every day thanks to Dr. Bakeman and her beautiful work."

Floyd C.

"As a child my teeth were fractured in an accident. Over the years they discolored and chipped. Although I was not seeing Dr. Bakeman for cosmetic treatment, I was open to her suggestions to improve my smile. Dr. Bakeman and her staff were friendly, professional and attentive. My cosmetic treatment was completed eight years ago and it was one of the best things I have done for myself. I would recommend Dr. Bakeman to anyone interested in improving their smile"

Elaine B.

"Having my teeth restored was serious business. I had a number of mechanical problems contributing to jaw joint pain and excessive wear which made my front teeth short and thin.

Together with her excellent staff and an outstanding laboratory, Dr. Bakeman perfectly adjusted my bite and virtually eliminated all other problems while creating beautifully natural looking teeth. My new back teeth even have grooves like newly erupted teeth – I am thrilled!

My dental restorations truly define the art of excellent dentistry. Dr. Bakeman and her staff exhibited genuine concern for my preferences and needs and made this a great experience. I recommend them most highly."

Carroll V.

"I attended my 40th high school reunion this year and basked in the glow of comments like “You haven’t changed a bit”. Only Betsy Bakeman’s office and I knew the story behind those compliments. It wasn’t an extreme diet or face-lift, but my beautiful teeth that looked so natural no one knew quite what the difference was!
Making the decision to have this kind of extensive and, quite frankly, expensive work was almost a no-brainer after meeting Dr. Bakeman and her professional staff. They completed a thorough analysis before offering treatment options.

This was not just a cosmetic enhancement but an investment in the architecture and health of my mouth. So why would someone knowingly choose to sign up for hours in the dentist chair, with accompanying needles and various uncomfortable contraptions jammed in your mouth? Because Dr. Bakeman and her staff attend to your every need from warm blankets, great eclectic music with high-tech headphones, private spaces to eat liquid lunches without losing all dignity, and most of all a total high touch, (literally) caring, service mentality.

I cannot rave enough about the process and final outcome. Betsy Bakeman and her team are the absolute best!"

Cathy F.

"All my life I was embarrassed of my smile. People perceived me as unfriendly because of my inhibited smile. A friend of ours, a plastic surgeon, referred me to Dr. Elizabeth Bakeman. I found Dr. Bakeman to be an artist in every respect.

Since having my teeth restored my behavior has become more natural and spontaneous. Friends say I seem happier and much more outgoing. My husband and I love my new look. Just in time, Dr. Bakeman has given me a new life. I’ll be fifty years old this August and because of her I’ll be smiling about it instead of crying."

Gary B.

"I would simply have to say, going to Dr. Bakeman was one of the best and smartest things I have ever done for myself. It relieved all the dental problems that I had and gave me beautiful teeth and a smile I am very proud of. I receive more compliments than I ever imagined possible. Friends and family and complete strangers compliment me on my teeth and smile.

I would recommend Dr. Bakeman to anyone who wanted first class work and treatment. I think a person owes it to themselves to be treated by the best and that is where I would rate Dr. Bakeman."

Liz C.

"After years of failed attempts to correct my front teeth with bonding material and veneers I was becoming very self-conscious about my smile. My sister-in-law had work done, and her smile looks beautiful. Finally, I asked for the name of her dentist and without hesitation she said I should go speak with Dr. Bakeman.

The moment I walked into Dr. Bakeman's office I felt at ease. The room is not only beautiful; it is filled with lovely friendly people. Dr. Bakeman is a warm, caring, confident, and patient person. She is a perfectionist and truly an artist.

I am very glad I made the choice to see Dr. Bakeman and grateful to her for making me happy to “smile pretty”."

Kelly H.

"Kids picked on me when I was younger because I had different color teeth, so I always wanted a perfect white smile.

Upon arriving at Dr. Bakeman’s office, I was greeted by a luxurious atmosphere and friendly people. After meeting Dr. Bakeman and her staff, I was relieved with the feeling that I was in good hands.

This experience has brought me close to many wonderful people. My smile draws attention now because it is bright and beautiful. I believe a smile is your face value, and Dr. Bakeman made my smile priceless."

Lisa R.

"In spite of having braces growing up, my teeth were not as straight and my smile not as attractive as I would have liked. In addition, obvious and unsightly bridgework made me even more self-conscious. So much so, that I frequently covered my mouth when smiling.

During discussions with Dr. Bakeman I became familiar with what could be possible in restoring my smile. Her calming and professional approach to dentistry made me comfortable with the decision, and those qualities carried through the process, making it an invaluable experience. I am someone who doesn’t like needles and is uncomfortable in doctors’ offices. Dr. Bakeman genuinely understood my fears and provided me with the best care that helped make the transition to a beautiful smile much more soothing and enjoyable.

Now I am so pleased with my smile and so confident that it looks great—the days of covering my mouth are over!"

Kim N.

"In the past thirty years I have had extensive work on my front teeth due to an accident that occurred when I was a child. I was never completely satisfied with the look of my front caps and felt insecure when I smiled.

The process of having Dr. Bakeman restore my porcelain caps was a great experience. She and her staff always made me feel as though I was their most important patient.

After thirty years of dental work, I believe Dr. Bakeman to be the highest skilled dentist that I have seen. She produces incredible results and is always conscious of the comfort of her patients. Thanks to Dr. Bakeman I can now smile with confidence. My teeth are absolutely beautiful."

Lisa H.

"I sought cosmetic dentistry to replace bonding done after a boating accident in college; I also had a very narrow smile. I was becoming self-conscious and knew it was time for a change.

To find a cosmetic dentist who was knowledgeable in the latest procedures and who regularly participated in continuing education was important. Dr. Bakeman and her staff made me feel very much at ease. She helped me determine the best possible treatment by explaining options and potential risks.

I find myself smiling more often now. I regret not having this done sooner!"

John W.

"I was looking for a long lasting solution to issues with my teeth that include stains and food that collected in the notching that developed toward my gumline.

Eleven upper porcelain veneers were contoured with a bite adjustment to minimize forces on my teeth. Being a developer, I understood the concept of building a solid foundation. I was very appreciative of the improvements that were made both to my bite and the appearance."

Michelle R.

"Dr. Bakeman is our family dentist. When in the office, I would see the wonderful work she was doing for other patients. I loved the way they looked, so happy and their smiles so bright.

For a long time I have wanted a smile makeover. When I finally made my decision to move forward, Dr. Bakeman and her staff were extremely helpful and supportive. I had everything I needed, right down to the heated chair massager!

Dr. Bakeman is very thorough in her work. Everything needs to be perfect or she will not move on to the next step. I am so happy that I made this decision. Now, whenever I smile people say, ‘Wow, what a great smile you have!'"

Ellen S.

"In having my teeth restored, my aim was not cosmetic. My teeth had worn unevenly, and my bite was severely misaligned and inefficient resulting in frequent jaw and temple pain.

Although treatment is not yet complete on my mouth, Dr. Bakeman has already addressed the important issues, my bite has been repaired and the related pain virtually eliminated. As for my new smile, it is a welcome bonus. I am becoming accustomed to taking compliments from total strangers on my great teeth.

I have found Dr. Bakeman and her staff to be efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly, and I recommend them most highly"


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